Vizag Famous Madugula Halwa

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Vizag Famous Madugula Halwa :-

Madugula, a nondescript village 70 kms from Vizag, over a century has become a household name in the three districts of north Andhra and many other parts of the state due to its sweet dish famously called Madugula Hahva. The halwa was first made by Dangeti Dharma Rao in 1890. Now the fourth generation of his family is continuing mak-ing the sweet which has a unique recipe consisting wheat milk. The sweet is made of wheat milk, sugar, dry fruits and loads of ghee.

Madugula Halwa is a must for everyone. Over a 100 years ago, Dharma Rao was experimenting with various sweet recipes that can stocked for a month and ccame out with the idea of halwa which later on down the line has beccome famous as Madugula Halwa. It takes four days to make this halwa and lasts for a month wihtout becoming stale. Orders by Telugu NRIs living across the globe are a regular affair. “There are so many wheat related halwa varieties outside but our sweet is entirely different. We take pride in continuing the legacy of my grandfather who first introduced this halwa to the world. Whoever comes to this part of the districyt, They will not miss tasting the seet and take back halwa, People from far away places come to us to take the halwa. Its a big hot among telugus settled in other countries. Their relatives back home buy from us and send parcels regularly.” Dangeti Murthy told this correspondent while lending his hand preparing the sweet dish. Wheat is to be soaked for three days and then it is grounded to make it into wheat milk. The wheat milk is then boiled in sugar syrup and cashew and almonds are added to it later. ” I have been eating Madugula Halwa from the same shop since my childhood and there is no change in the taste, I have tried eating the same halwa made by some others but it doesn’t have the same taste. We are very happy that our village has become popular with this halwa. Thanks to Dangetis.” K.Narayana Rao, An old timer of the village said.

Dangeti Halwa Goes Online :-

While the fourth generation of the Dangeti family is still continuing the tradition of making Madugula Halwa, many sweet shops in Vizag also started making the halwa. Some started cashing in on the Madugula Halwa by selling it online. “There are so many online stores that offer to sell Madugula Halwa but none of them source it from us. As of now we are taking orders over the telephone. But we also have plans to expand our market by doing some branding with new kind of packaging among others. We are also planning to apply for trademark and patent to check duplicates. We want to continue my great grand father’s legacy of spreading the sweet to the public,” Mohan Rao of the Dangetis fourth generation, who is now taking care of the sweet making business in Madugula, said.

This Article is First Appeared in Deccan Chronicle.

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  1. Keerthi Chowdary 30/05/2015 Subscriber

    I know this sweet, my grandfather used to bring on every weekend. Great taste!

  2. Sai 03/06/2015 Subscriber

    From my native. Proud to be known to the world for a sweet reason. 🙂

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