Vizag Auto Drivers to Stir Against Hefty Fines

Vizag Auto Drivers to Stir Against Hefty Fines in visakhapatnam, Vizag Auto Drivers to Stir Against Hefty Fines 2016 visakhapatnam city news.

Vizag Auto Drivers to Stir Against Hefty Fines :-

Auto unions took out a rally on Friday alleging that the traffic police were harassing the auto drivers and imposing hefty fines. However, the traffic police said they were going to intensify action against auto drivers for violating the traffic norms and causing chaos on the NH-16 stretch. Autorickshaw drivers under the banner of AP Auto Drivers and Worker Federation have decided to go on strike against the city traffic police harassments. G.V. Murthy, state secretary of the union said that traffic cops have been imposing hefty fines on the auto drivers and threatened to bookcases against them and some traffic constables were demanding bribe from autodrivers to allow them ply on the roads.

This Article was First Appeared in Deccan Chronicle.

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  1. Vijay Allapati 02/04/2016 Subscriber

    When it comes to auto drivers, they are very reckless on highways and streets. Everyday, when im on my way to home or office..i see some auto drivers stop suddenly in the middle of the traffic just to get people. what kind of nonsense is that? Traffic police should ban their licenses.

  2. Rohit 03/04/2016 Subscriber

    From my side suggestion is, in same way we have bus stop for buses why cant we have drop-off, pick up points for Auto/Taxi (now a days Taxi’s also increased in vizag) they can’t stop any where else except this place and need to make them more than Bus stops so that public can find them in walkable distance. I agree initially it would take time same way when we started BSRTC roads, but slowly people will follow the rules when we have control and which can improve a lot in controlling Traffic as well as if we put necessary fines for breaking rules in normal situations. Some of people might have seen in other countries but why cant vizag is the first one to implement in India.

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