Pulses Worth 85 Lakh Seized in Vizag City

Pulses Worth 85 Lakh Seized in Vizag City, Pulses Worth 85 Lakh Seized in Vizag City Visakhapatnam poorna Market vizag purna market news.

Pulses Worth 85 Lakh Seized in Vizag City :-

Cracking down on illegal hoarding of pulses by traders, officials of civil supplies department, vigilance and few other departments conducted raids at Poorna Market in Vizag city, Anakapalle and few other areas in the district. DSO J. Santha Kumari said that black grain and edible oil, together worth Rs.85 lakh, which was hoarded illegally was seized in Vizag city.

The raids were conducted following an exponential rise in the prices of pules in the district and the state. Ms Kumari said action would be taken against those hoarding pulses illegally in the city. She warned traders of strict action if found stocking up essentials. of late, the prices of pulses have been skyrocketing so much that companies selling chicken even took advantage of it and began advertising that chicken is cheap than pulses.

This Article was First Appeared in Deccan Chronicle.

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