Naval Divers Brave The Tide

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Naval Divers Brave The Tide :-

For underwater operations of the lndian Navy, specialised divers are ever ready. Trained for both physical and mental endurance, divers of the Indian Navy make efforts to keep the vessels literally afloat by maintaining them for which they dive deep under the sea. The Indian naval divers also involve in combat operations, like placing the mines under the sea and also clearing them to make the way for the vessels movement. Diving operations are extremely difficult and highly hazardous as at times the sea turns choppy and the divers operate a few hundred feet below, in extreme conditions with high pressure.Water pressure increases by l kg/cm2 on increasing of depth by 10 meters each time.

Other complications of deep dives include physiological problems of bubbles formed by gas throughout the body causing decompression sickness as the divers come upto water surface. Divers face specific, physical and health risks when they go underwater with scuba or other diving equipment, or use high pressure breathing gas. The presence of a combination of several hazards simultaneously is common in diving, and the effect is generally increased risk to the diver, particularly where the occurrence of an incident due to one hazard triggers other hazards with a resulting cascade of incidents.” said Eastern Naval Command (ENC)’s. Command Clearance Diving Team (CCDT), officer incharge, Commander KS.Dhoot.

The lndian Navy’s premier diving training school is at Kochi. The Command clearance diving teams have been set up in three commands at Mumbai,  Visakhapatnam and Kochi. The Kochi training centre conducts diving courses for officers and sailors from lndian Navy and Indian Coast Guard (lCG) as well. Further,  there are smaller diving teams called Clearance Diving Units at Port Blair, Goa, Karwar and Okha. These diving teams provide specialist diving support in their commands including disposal of mines and explosive ordnance, combat diving and salvage work. The Indian Navy also has a Submarine Rescue Vessel INS Nireekshak, which is based at Vizag. It has the capability to undertake saturation dives, salvage taskings, provide air and liquid food supplies to a submarine and carry out evacuation of submariners from a stricken submarine.“Diving is one of the toughest professions which bear a very high risk to life. As the course is one of the toughest, the attrition rate is more than 60 pc in view of tough training. The divers are volunteers from all branches of Navy.” added Commander Dhoot.

This Article was First Appeared in Deccan Chronicle.

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  1. Pradeep Pachakotla 01/10/2015 Subscriber

    Indian Navy has always been the best. 🙂

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