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Auto Fares to be Hiked in Vizag :-

The hike in diesel and petrol prices will add the burden of those depending in autorickshaws in Vizag. Autorickshaw drivers said that the hike of Rs.3 per liter would burden them and so they will hike the dares soon. They said that the traffic cops have been imposing hefty fines on three-wheeler drivers in the name of regulation of traffic and the hike is necessary to run the autos in the city.

State secretary of Auto Drivers and Workers Union, G.V.Murthy said diesel and petrol in  Andhra Pradesh is costlier than in the neighbouring states of Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Karnataka due to the increase in VAT of Rs.4 a liter diesel. Autorickshaw drivers earn Rs.600 a day in Vizag but more than 40% of the earning are snatched away by the traffic cops in the form of fine for violating traffic rules of bribe. Now, the recent hike of Rs.3 per litre diesel is an additional burden on us, he added.

Traffic Police said that RTA officials have issued city permit to 18,000 autorickshaws but that more than 33,000 autorickshaws were registered and that over 55,000 autorickshaws were plying on city roads while the city buses of the RTC are just 700 in Vizag city. V.Ganesh Kumar, an autorickshaw driver in the city, said each auto driver requires at least 5-7 litres of diesel everyday and that the hike of Rs.3 a litre and the traffic cops drive against the autos will translate into an additional burden on them. “we have no option than to hike fares”, said G.V.Murthy.

This Article was First Appeared in Deccan Chronicle.

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  1. mohan Sankarthira 19/03/2016 Subscriber

    Now thats just disgusting, If traffic police found those many autos then why didn’t they just seized them? Even few auto people behave crazy like they are driving some racing cars on the roads. These people never change!

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