10 Projects Set for Launch in Vizag

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10 Projects Set for Launch in Vizag :-

MP Haribabu sets target to ground the projects in one year

Vizag MP K. Haribabu on Monday said several union government sponsored projects and premier institutes have been lined up to be launched in Vizag by setting foundation stone by the respective union minister. Talking to reporters here on Monday. the MP, who had completed one year in office here on Monday. said. he has set a target to ground 10 prestigious projects in the coming year which will help in the development of the city. He said the land issues related to Union government’s electronics lab-Sameer have  been sorted out and IT and communications minister will soon visit Vizag to set foundation stone for it. 

An MoU for the construction of an IT tower between Vuda and STPI will be signed soon. The IT tower will come up behind the Vuda building on the land belonging to the urban development authority. Union shipping minister Nitin Gadkari is expected to set foundation stone for the proposed Indian Maritime University which is coming up in Vizag at a cost of 65crore. An extent of 100 acres of land had been identitied for setting up Packaging Park along with Indian Institute of Packaging in Vizag. Foundation for export goods testing lab for which land has been identified in Gambhee-ram and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade will be laid by union commerce minister Nirmala Seetaraman.

He also assured launching the operations at air cargo terminal for which the MP said. tenders have been floated to pick an outsourcing agency to take up the operations. He also added that Vizag will be the headquarters of the new railway zone to be announced soon. To encourage roof-top solar power metering system. the MP said an exhibit on with the solar panel makers and bankers will be held on June 14, 15 and 16 at Viswapriya function hall. He said two colonies involving active resident welfare associations will be identified to take up the solar power project.

This Article was First Appeared in Deccan Chronicle.

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  1. Anirudh Naidu 02/06/2015 Subscriber

    Only 10? I thought CBN promised around 25+ projects last year? Stupid Government.

  2. Srinivas 02/06/2015 Subscriber

    Let the projects start.. so far what govt has promised has gone to other places.. I dont trust the present govt.

  3. Raja 02/06/2015 Subscriber

    Don’t want 10. Just do 2 things Railway zone and Special status. Companies will come automatically. We don’t need BJP mercy. We need our rights promised in parliament are fullfilled. If BJP don’t have respect for Parliament we can’t help.

  4. Ramaneswara Rao Rongala 02/06/2015 Subscriber

    Its nice to hear lot of projects on anvil … Big question is coming into existence …. We are thankful to our MP Shri Hari Babu Garu for his continuous liaison with Central Govt…

    There is a big gap between announcement and get start….

    This month Vizag Metro Rail DPR is due … Let’s hope for the best …

  5. madhu kunchi 03/06/2015 Subscriber

    govt is think only on IT sector .. but rest of so many mechanical ,electrical, electronic ,automobile industries ..etc. like power sector, process sector. automobile . chip designing, . but govt is not thinking to lunch that type of industries. that is very bad . with out core company. there is no use of other branch in engineering .just convert all branch to computers science only. stupid govt.

  6. sureshvv 03/06/2015 Subscriber

    Its habituated to vizag….Not announcements….need in reality…

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